What can I do for you and your family

National Health Insurance Specialist



  • Assistance in applying for ACA health insurance via the government websites
  • Assistance in applying for individual insurance direct with a carrier
  • Assistance in determining if you qualify for subsidies to help pay for your health insurance
  • ​Matching up the right carriers to fit your needs and budget
  • Supplement policies to help with high deductible health insurance
  • Medicare Supplements
  • ​Medicare Advantage products
  • Pre-paid funeral expenses
  • Long-term nursing home care coverage
  • Health and life insurance even if you have serious health issues or are in higher age brackets
  • Income protection
  • Health and life policies even if you've been turned down for insurance before
  • Over a dozen carriers and have literally hundreds of plans to choose from
  • Life insurance policies up to age 89!​