Q. What is "ACA" and what does that mean to me?

A. "ACA" stands for Affordable Care Act. The law is thousands of pages long but basically it means: you have to have insurance, your plan has to have certain benefits, you get fined if you don't have insurance, some people get subsidies to help pay their premiums.

Q. How do I know if I'm eligible for a subsidy?

A. I can help you determine that.

Q. If I do get a subsidy, how do I use it?

A. You have to sign up via "The Marketplace", which varies state-to-state.  I can help you with that too!

​Q. What does it cost to use an agent to help me with my insurance?

A. NOTHING! Brokers are compensated via the carriers and there is no difference in your premium to use a broker.

Q. Can I get insurance anytime I want?

A. You can only apply during open enrollment which for 2016 is was November 15 - January 31 for health insurance and November 1 - December 7 for Medicare  unless you have a Qualifying Life Event (QLE).

​Q. What are the QLEs?

A. Marriage, divorce, death, birth, change of job, relocation, loss of income, employer sponsored insurance premium increases or dropped coverage or become eligible for Medicare due to age.


GFAM specializes in two main areas of insurance, although I can do what every other life and health insurance does.  I specialize in INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE INCLUDING  ACA PROBLEMS and  LIFE INSURANCE. And for 2016, I am working with MEDICARE ADVANTAGE AND SUPPLEMENTS.

  • Comprehensive custom quotes to fit your insurance needs
  • Someone to talk to who actually answers the phone
  • 35 combined years experience in health & life insurance
  • If you change your insurance, I will always be there to help
  • I filter through all the companies and plans and narrow it all down
  • You have someone to call for help instead of dealing directly with the government
  • Insurance explained to you in normal human terms
  • ACA certified and work directly with the Federal Marketplaces
  • Certified to work with Medicare Advantage for seniors
  • Can insure people at higher ages (up to 89) with Life Insurance, even if you have a past history of serious conditions
  • All of this and more at with no additional cost to your premiums

And if isn't enough to show I'm different than other brokers and agents out there, I actually care about my clients.  I won't rush you off the phone to get to the next person. I always return phone calls and emails.  Honesty  and integrity are not just words on a page to me.  I live by those concepts in all aspects of my life and business.

What makes me different

My company at a glance


National Health Insurance Specialist



Here at GFAM, I am dedicated to you and all your different insurance needs. As an independent broker, I have access to dozens of carriers and hundreds of products. 

I don't work for any specific carrier.  I work for YOU and your family. My goal is to find you the perfect comprehensive plan for your needs at a premium that fits your budget.